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International Obedience Seminar

22.07.2022 - 24.07.2022

SporttiRakki & Koirakoutsi organizes an International Obedience Seminar in Ylöjärvi, Finland in July! With four top coaches from 4 different countries! 

Where & when?

  • Friday-Sunday July 22-24
  • Koirakoutsiareena, Ylöjärvi Finland. Some of the trainings inside and some outside. Check more about the venue
  • Training starts at 12 AM on Friday, at 9-11 AM on Saturday and at 9-10 AM on Sunday depending on the coach. Different groups start at different time so that the time of the lunch break varies and there are training groups running all the time. One training group lasts about 8 hours with the lunch break.

Who can attend?

  • All who want to get and hear great tips from the top of the obedience world. You can choose between 4 great coaches!
  • Finnish handlers + handlers from other countries as well
  • You can attend either as an active handler or as a spectator
  • There are no limitations to the training level of the dog, EXCEPT FOR the parallel training on Saturday which is for OB3 dogs only

Registrations & fees

Active handler (two options)

  1. Normal training group: Active handler’s fee 90 €. Training time 35 min + 5 min for questions (from the handler + audience). Please note that the handler’s place is only for that day, for other days you have to pay the spectator fee if you want to come and see trainings.
  2. Parallel training on Saturday with two coaches: Active handler’s fee 160 €. This is a special training group for OB3/FCI3 dogs only where you go through all the exercises in OB3 class. Training takes place on the same field with another dog at the same time. In the morning 4 excercises with Christa and 4 exercises with Joanna, then a lunch break and in the afternoon 20 min training time with both coaches (Joanna + Christa). Please note that the handler’s place is only for that day, for other days you have to pay the spectator fee if you want to come and see trainings.


  • One day 50 €

Registration time

  • Pre-registration possibility and prices for active handlers June 6-14 – REGISTRATION FOR THE LAST PLACES OPEN NOW! 


  • Payment links will be sent after the registration time is over and the group places have been checked.
  • Payments must be paid in 3 days after that: via credit card if you live outside Finland or Klarna/credit card/bank transfer from SporttiRakki’s online store if you are a Finnish customer
  • Please note that the registration is binding. Groups will be allocated in the order of registration and if there are more registrations than group places, not all wishes may be fulfilled. You will be informed after the registration time is over and the payment links will be sent then. More specific info about your dog/wishes etc. will be asked when the group places are checked and verified and payments are made.


Send your registration NOW!



Christa Enqvist-Pukkila FIN

Christa is the most successful obedience handler in Finland. She has many big wins and top rankings with several dogs in national, Nordic and World Championships. Christa has wide experience in obedience training and is a popular coach both in Finland and abroad. She is the head coach of the Finnish Obedience Training Ring and is a member of the Finnish obedience team.


Joanna Hewelt POL

“Obedience is my favourite dog sport. I qualified with my four dogs (2 Airedale Terriers, 2 Border Collies) for WCO, with Tending Tough I reached finals 3 times. I love to work with different breeds, different dogs and people, searching for each personal best. I live in Gdansk, Poland, where I leading Na Fali Obedience club.”


Siri Renée Jungersen DEN

Siri has trained and competed in obedience since 2007 and been on the danish national team the past 7 years with two different dogs. She started her career with a coton de tutelar who competed at the national championships in rally obedience and FCI obedience for many years. Now she’s competing with her 8 year old border collie Bonus, who’s Danish national champion in FCI3 2020 and 2021 and has participated in every world championship since he was 2 years old. This year she’s also qualified at the world championships with her young border collie Komma. In her training, Siri likes to be very clear and build a lot of motivation through games. She always explores new ways of training exercises and build the right behaviour. She has a special love for the running exercises and distance control and building speed and precision is her favorite disciplin in training.

Monica Wickstrøm NOR

“I love the Obedience sport because it’s a big creative world of solutions. In excercises i work a lot too create the right balance between running exercise and switching from speed in to calming. I have been competing at the National team with 2 dogs in “working dog”. My first dog a Schæfer became Nordic champion in 1990. After that i have been competing with 3 different dogs in the Obedience national team. This year I am qualified to world championship with my 8 years old Chili. She was qualified the first time when she was 2 years old. Beside I am training my 1 years old Crei-Zi.”



What else is happening?

Food & accommodation 

  • Lunch: There will be a lunch option available (for extra charge you will pay directly to the chef). Please choose that option in the registration form if you want to join the lunch.
  • Accommodation: We have reserved some rooms at a hotel at a discounted price. Please choose that option in the registration form if you want to include that in your weekend. – ALL ROOMS BOOKED
  • Campervans: parking possible for some vans at the area, more info from Krista via email:


Contact either Krista from Koirakoutsi or Heidi from SporttiRakki:


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